The Importance of Sunset

One never knows what each new day will bring but one thing can always be certain. Before the night comes and a new day prepares to dawn, there will be a sunset.

By day, the sun is worshipped. It gives us light, warmth, and nourishes our bodies and souls as well as the planet we live on. It is a symbol of the constant renewal of life as it arrives with the dawn of each new day. At the end of each cycle this enormous fiery orb must continue on its perpetual route into the horizon, only to be reborn the next day. This event, sunset, is a truly magical time of the day. It is an event that has captured the heart of an entire country – the Mediterranean haven of Greece.


The people of Greece put a lot of effort into finding the absolute best places to view the sunset, and most have a ‘favorite spot’. There are locations that are famous for the amazing sunset views they offer. Seaside eateries covet their prime coastal real estate for guests to have a drink while they enjoy the show. Websites are dedicated to tracking the precise times of each sunset and the internet is teeming with lists of great places to view the sunset in Greece. As the sun begins its daily descent into the horizon, the coastline is dotted with couples snuggling up to enjoy the romance of the pending performance.


Sunset is the time of day when Greeks begin to unwind from their hectic routines and renew their spirit. As daily schedules begin to wind down, preparations begin. Couples, friends, families and tourists alike begin to scope out their ideal place to relax and decompress. People arrive at their chosen locations early so they can lay claim to the best seats with unobstructed views. Drinks are ordered and meze (appetizers) are prepared so that they can be shared with friends and loved ones while mother nature does her thing.


As the bright yellow star begins its descent from the sky, the blue hues of daylight deepen into shades of crimson, purple and orange. For those lucky enough to view this stellar performance over the sea, they are treated to shimmering beams of fire that sparkle like jewels on the water. Like a giant egg yolk melting in a frying pan, the fiery globe continues its gradual descent into the dark abyss of the ocean until it is finally swallowed by the horizon.

Sunset is my favorite time of day. It evokes so many emotions in me, but mostly something I  call a happy sadness. It is a very personal emotion for me, something I find hard to explain to others. As the sun goes down, signifying the end of the day, I am overcome by the feeling that time is running out, which it is for all of us in a way as we are only given a precious short time on this Earth to make the most of.  However, it also brings with it hope and promise and energizes me to look forward to all the things I have yet to experience in this world. Plans can be made for the next day, which brings a world of promise with it, as well as the coming night, which can be full of fun and surprises – a whole new way to enjoy the time that I have with friends, with family, or with my solitude if I so choose.

Do I have a ‘favorite spot’ to view the Greek sunset? If I were pressed to answer this question, my answer would be vague. If I had my way, I would spend every sunset on a beach watching the sun melt into the ocean while the sound of waves lazily crashing against the shore soothes my soul; but in truth, anyplace where this precious time of day can be spent with friends and family is the best place to be.